Thursday, August 29, 2013

VP Biden stands up for the Constitution!

Posted by Rick Dalton

                                                                Vice Pres. Biden

In a shocking development, Vice President Joe Biden revealed that he had commissioned several constitutional scholars who studied the Constitution's limitations on he war powers of the president.  The results were that the nation's chief executive has no power to send Americans to war without the specific and prior approval of congress.

The president should be impeached if he tries to take the nation to war in the middle east "without congressional approval."

This amazing statement, which the Veep made on several TV news shows, was an example of some the most forceful, clear and thoughtful comments we have seen from Mr. Biden, who has earned the reputation in some circles as a politician who sometimes shoots from the hip.

It is refreshing to hear him defend the document that he has damaged seriously in the past several years.  Several videos have surfaced which offer proof to naysayers that he has indeed, at leas in this instance, correctly interpreted and staunchly defended the United States Constitution and the Separation of Powers doctrine..  One such video is offered below.

Say What?

There is only one problem here, as I see it.  The statements, which have surfaced recently during the blizzard of coverage and commentary on the imminent attack on Syria, were referring to Iran.  And what's more, they were made back before he became the second-in-command to Mr. Obama.  The president to whom Biden referred in this video, was not the man who occupies the oval office today, but George W. Bush.

One wonders how he is going to explain these remarks to his boss.

Here's the link to the video:


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