Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Road to WWIII

Connecting the dots is not only a kid's game.

Ok, so this whole war with Syria thing has totally taken over the consciousness of the nation, and a lot of the world.  There are two things to note about it.

First, we had better realize that there are other things going on underneath this cover that the PTB would not like us to discover.  Do your homework.

Second, have you noticed there is a pattern beginning to be visible even to the uninformed, which is about 85% of America?  The pattern is the takeover and control ,by the United States and powerful behind-the-scenes organizations, of nation after nation, now mostly in the Middle East and Africa.

The question is why?

                                                         We must choose.

For part of the answer, I include here a very provocative and radical video that surprisingly is still available on YouTube after a million and a half views.

I haven't verified all the events in the first part, but some of them I know to be accurate.  The past part contains published material references.

We had better ask ourselves with regard to Syria, why would the Assad regime use poison gas when that act would (and actually is) bring[ing] down the power players of the world upon it's head?

The Federal Reserve (along with it's partners) is in the process of taking down the United States slowly so that we can be comfortably merged with Canada and Mexico, and eventually, Russia and China.

Your police and military friends, neighbors, and loved ones need to know what is happening, because, as Jack McLamb always said, if tyranny comes to your door, it will be wearing a uniform.

May God bless us with courage and active involvement in the turn-around of America on this road to WWIII.

Click on the link, and after you watch, please comment and share.


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