Friday, August 30, 2013

Rotten to the Common Core

Posted by Rick Dalton

The attempt to nationalize education, which began long before the Obama administration came to power, is beginning to take an increasing amount of flak.  Recently, it's a left-leaning group with a name you can't say in the classroom.

Don't be a badass?

The Badass Teacher Association (the call themselves BATs) has lined up squarely against Common Core.  It's interesting to note that the word "common" is the root of the word "Communism".
An article in New American (, stated, 

"According to the association, its aim is to reduce or even eliminate the use of high-stakes testing while increasing teacher autonomy in the classroom. In a nutshell, that starts with killing Common Core. The BATs are also working to “include teacher and family voices in legislative decision-making processes that affect students,” it explains. To achieve its mission, the alliance says it will plan different actions each week where members can help out, as well as having state groups coordinate local rallies and events. Other activism will include phone calls, letter-writing campaigns, e-mails to officials, and more. "

One of the major undesirables of Common Core is that it further removes control of education from the parents to the Fedgov.  And that puts unelected bureaucrats in a position to influence the hearts and minds of millions of American children.  Local control of education has been one of the major reasons we have had the lead in literacy for a long time, up until about 40 years ago.  It also contains suggested resources for curriculum that are objectionable to many constitutionally minded people.  Details are in the New American article.
So the BATs have joined the Tea Party, at least for this one dance.

Below is the New American link.  We would do well to  become knowledgeable on Common Core, and become involved directly in our kids' education.

And maybe, at least this once, it's not so bad to be a Badass.


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