Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gun homicide numbers manipulated for effect.

OK folks, the PTB and their useful idiots are engaged in a decades long operation to disarm the populace of America (and the world) for their own good.  And the numbers game is a prime method of mis-informing people about the causes and categories of gun violence.  The gun-grabbers would have us believe that average people are murdering each other, when in fact, suicides and gang violence account for the vast majority of gun homicides in the U.S.

In both categories, there is little we can do to stop these deaths.  People who are determined to kill themselves will find a way, and there are dozens of ways - whether a gun is available or not.

Gangs roam our inner-cities with impunity.

And we will never keep firearms from the hands of ganbangers by making them illegal to possess.  They don't bother to check the gun law books before they carry out a driveby, robbery or murder.  And they don't fill out federal forms and wait for the background check.  Gan homicides account for about 80% of all  gun homicides in America.  

Let's focus on mental health and ending gang violence, and we will go a long way to really reducing gun homicides.

When you look at the facts, which are available in the article linked below, it's obvious that eliminating violence isn't the true motive behind the gun control steamroller.  It's people control.

It's more than a right.  It's a duty to protect yourself, your home, and your family.


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