Sunday, November 17, 2013

Whose Side Are You On?

Must We Take Sides?

Indeed, we must.

Posted by Rick Dalton 

These days are not the "good old days". 

 They're the radical dangerous new days.

As hard as it is to admit and face up to it, we are facing a great societal schism in America, and indeed, in the world.  That this day would come has been a theme of more than one forward-looking patriot.  Many prophets from ancient days have written about our time. 

Thomas Jefferson warned that happiness for future generations would depend on the federal government protecting people's rights, and refraining from "taking care of them".  George Washington warned that we would not have peace and prosperity if we entangled ourselves with foreign alliances that squandered the sovereignty that has been won by the blood of patriots.

We have dug ourselves into a very deep hole financially, and economically, with our embrace a long time ago of a national bank of private banksters that are deliberately dragging us down to the least common denominator.  Ayn Rand tried to tell us what was going to happen.

Most of our protective peace officers, now called law enforcement officers, are very nearly militarized, nationalized, and have shed the mantle of "protect and serve" in favor enforcer and controller.  The myriad federal agencies that were once mere nuisances have become storm troopers with their own SWAT teams.

There are still quite a number of "good guys" who really are peace officers out there, but their ranks are dwindling due to the training they receive.

Increasingly, there is a division taking place on the streets, in the homes, and workplaces of America.  It's not the between the street criminals and the law abiding citizens.  That division has existed for centuries.  It is, sadly, a division between citizens in the private sector and those in the public (governmental) sector.  This division is breaking down traditional respect and support for those in the executive branch whose job it is to enforce laws.  Instead of seeing themselves as servant-protectors, they see themselves as supervisor-controllers.  They must be stopped.

EPA nightmare

So many agencies of the fedgov have gone off-base that it's hard to say which one is doing the most damage to America.  The EPA has declared war on coal mining and refining, along with lead refining.  In doing so, it has reduced our energy production as well as putting a nail in the coffin of domestic manufacture of bullets.  That's right, bullets.  This is just another way of attacking the 2nd Amendment.  Guns, after all, are no good without bullets.  The EPA must be stopped.

Injustice from the Justice Department

The federal umbrella agency over law enforcement is arrayed against law abiding Americans in a number of ways.  Siding with illegal aliens who break our laws against US citizens, Eric Holder's  department has sued states who attempt to do the job that the feds have refused (not simply failed) to do.  Holder should be, and probably will be,  impeached.  He must be stopped.

North American Union

The plan to usher in the New World Order has been regionalized for decades.  The march to the current European Union started with a seemingly benign trade treaty.  Gradually it grew and spread till it was a regional government, with basically all of Europe now under it's control.  Sovereignty of nations is a thing of the past.  Zbigniew Brezhinsky's book Between Two Worlds which was published in the mid 1970s, declared the bold intention of the PTB to create a one world government, and the end of national sovereignty.   And now, the North American Union, between the US, Canada, and Mexico, is rising before our eyes.  NAFTA, CAFTA, and other planks of the plan are already working.  The United Nations, which is the track on which the train of collectivism is gaining speed, is the catalyst.  It must be stopped.

A bullet train

But the treaty now being negotiated, basically behind closed doors, by the administration, will seal the deal.  If implemented, it will spell the end of American Sovereignty.  Obama aims to have it so with or without the Constitution's mandate that the US Senate must ratify all treaties or they have no effect.  This monstrosity is deadly to freedom and though it claims to be a trade treaty, about half of it's chapters do not involve trade at all. 
The mainstream media is not touching it.  It must be stopped.

A Poke in the Electric Eye

The massive surveillance state that has been created in the US is another assault on freedom.  The NSA has many sites for snooping that are all off limits to regular people.  The new one in Bluffdale , Utah, is perhaps the largest.  The unconstitutional nature of it's spying does not worry it's creators in the least.  But a new idea spawned by several groups, including the Tenth Amendment Center, is aimed at shutting the facility down by cutting off its lifeblood - its supply of water.  It has to be stopped, one way or another.  We have to take a stand.  This must be stopped.

Sovereigns or Slaves?

This is the big question.  There are increasingly only two sides one can choose in this battle for liberty.  On the one side is the PTB (Powers that Be).  Rich, powerful, and others their useful idiots.  They will stop at nothing until their goal is achieved.  (Read Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy and Hope, which outlines the plan and those behind it.)  Those on this side include the leadership of both major political parties.  Don't believe it?  Do some real research.  Contact me if you don't know how, and I will point you in the right direction.
On the other side are millions who are tired, scared, and mad as hell.  We must get up from watching and yelling at the TV and do something.  We must refuse to allow anymore of our rights to be destroyed.  We must be willing to use any and every means to prevent it from happening.  Yes, I said EVERY means.  There are many types and descriptions of people on OUR side.  But the best way, the most motivational way to describe us is WE THE PEOPLE.
We must recognize the enemy.  The DOMESTIC enemies of the Constitution.  I took an oath and still hold that oath sacred.  Hundreds of Thousands of people have taken that oath. 
Any and every citizen who wants to remain free must take it also.  Contact organizations like Oath Keepers, Wall Builders, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peach Officers Association, the National Center for Constitutional Studies, the Tenth Amendment Center, and others.  Don't start your own new organization.  Join with these solid, respected and proven groups.  Donate to them, volunteer for them and take a stand.
Whose side are you on?



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