Saturday, November 2, 2013

A true public servant gets justice.

Posted by Rick Dalton

In what was easily predicted by some, while at the same time astounding by others, the American jury system once again produced justice in a very unusual case.

On Halloween day, a jury of citizens in Liberty County, Florida, acquitted the duly elected Sheriff, Nick Finch (pictured above) of charges stemming from his personal actions in the release of a man who had been arrested by one of Finch's deputies on weapons charges.  Finch was unconstitutionally removed from office by the governor shortly after the incident.

The trial, which began Monday, was actually humorous to many in attendance, because there clearly was not a prosecution case that would hold water.  In removing the Sheriff, Governor Rick Scott apparently broke Florida law.

Finch's actions, dictated by the US Constitution and his oath to defend it, are to be praised far and wide.  He risked, and could have lost, his livelihood and his good name.  But the risk was worth it to a man who takes his oath seriously.

The details in this case are astounding, and provide reason for hope that there are indeed, true public servants still serving behind the badge.

And here:

And please write Sheriff Finch with your thanks, because his defense of one citizen's Constitutional rights is a defense of every one's.  Also, call Governor Scott and voice your disapproval of his arrogant actions, while thanking him for quickly reinstating Sheriff Finch.

Remember, if tyranny comes to your door, it will probably be wearing a uniform.


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